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All you can eat for autumn seasonal foods! Matsutake Mushroom and Autumn foods fair!

What can you name for the autumn luxury ingredient? I guess most of people name Matsutake Mushroom. “Matsutake Mushroom and Autumn foods fair!” which you can enjoy Matsutake Mashrooms and other autumun foods and sweets as all you can eat, is held at Ueno’s Japanese restaurant “Daichi no Okurimono” until the 12th November.Autumn has lots of great seasonal foods. This fair is great for those who want to enjoy luxry autumn’s seasonal foods and king of autumn, Matsutake mushrooms in varieties of dishes.Such as “Steamed rice with Matsutake mushrooms”, “Matsutake sushi” and “a thick starchy sauce with Matsutake and other mushrooms topped on deep fried tofu” are in the dinner. “Matsutake mushroom in Japanese clear soup” is available in lunch and dinner.Also you can enjoy characteristic and gorgeous autumn themed popular sweets in the dinner time such as 50cm of height’s “giant Mont Blanc (chestnuts cream cake)”, Halloween color’s “Sweet potato fountain”, “Pair Dog” which deep fried pair like “American Dog” and added strawberry paste instead for ketchup, chestnuts paste as mustard,
Other autumn ingredients such as “Sanma with Nambanzuke” (deep-fried Sanma fish marinated in a spicy sauce”, “Sweet potato tempura”, “autumn fruits gratin” and “Cream caramel with chestnuts” are also available in lunch and dinner both time.The buffet is 80 min. for a lunch, 1890yen/PP (weekday), 1990yen/PP (Sat. Sun. PH), 2hours for a dinner with soft drinks from 2990yen /PP.

Why don’t you come to enjoy expensive autumn’s ingredient “Matsutake mushrooms” as a reward yourself to get over hard summer.