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Luxurious taste! a season limited "Iemon Hojicha (roasted tea) is available now!

If you say tea, usually it means green tea. But don’t you want to try something else?  A seasonal limited “Iemon Hojicha (roasted tea)” is appeared in “Iemon” series.  “Iemon Hojicha (roasted tea)” has deep and spicy savor based on roasted tea leaves with with Karigane tea. Karigane tea is a carefully selected luxurious type of twig tea and bring elegant and fragrant scent.

In the package, autumn leaves and ginkgo leaves were drawn of the purple background which image autumn’s symbolize bell flower, and it became a gorgeous design that makes you feel the autumn is coming now.

Suntory “Iemon Hojicha” has been available with 140 yen(tax excluded)from 19th of September for nationwide. The luxurious taste is only available in this season, so let’s try it!