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A coffee shop you can enjoy Sandwiches and green in the park opens in Hiroshima!

A cup of coffee connects people and fosters the encounters. The cafe with great view where become hub of people, was appeared in the city of Hiroshima. If you want to have a relax time or have a break during sightseeing, let’s go here!

“Park South Sandwich” which offers take away style sandwiches, fruity coffee and sweets matching with coffee opened along South street of Fukuromach park where is located middle in Hiroshima from the 17th of September. You can enjoy the park view in the shop’s wide opening entrance and it bring you great comfort.There are varieties of sandwiches that contain various ingredients and lots of vegetables. All sandwiches that image the lush green garden of the park at front, contain a plenty of vegetables. “Egg Combination” 450yen (tax excluded) uses common ingredients, eggs. “Avocado Smoke Salmon” 540yen (tax excluded) is a popular dish, and “bang bang chicken” 500yen (tax excluded) is a ball of change.The coffee uses one type of beans but 3 kinds of degree of roasting such as "rock", "gold" and "red copper" 380 yen (tax excluded) are available. Because they do own way to roast the coffee every day, we can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime.
Also, sweets which are good matching with the coffee such as “Croissant Donut (Cinnamon sugar) 380yen (tax excluded) and “Wasanbon Cookie” 280 yen (tax excluded) are available. Customers can enjoy here anytime and any situations.

It is good to go to the park with coffee in hand or good to enjoy the green of the park from the inside. Enjoy pleasant time at Park South Sandwich.

■“Park South Sandwich”
Address: 1-26 Nakamachi Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima