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Great for surprise present! Real size GUMMY is appeared!

A surprise candies are appeared for Halloween by the arty candy shop “papabubble” originating from Barcelona, Spain! Following the full-scale "Brain shape Marshmallow" that became a big topic last year, the real size "Ear Gummy " 580 yen (tax included) /a piece has been appeared this year from September 16 to October 31.
When opening a parcel with glassine paper or transparent cellophane wrapping paper and two rubber bands, a colorful "ear" appears. the “Ear Gummy” has 8 colors. The texture is nicely chewy and characteristic using pectin extracted by apple. Japanese pair, pair, apple, orange, peach, banana, mango and strawberries flavors with vivid colors are available. Colors, packages, ears are contained randomly.

“Ear Gummy” is great for the souvenir. It will make Halloween great!