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A coin-operated laundry with big aquarium is appeared

A coin-operated laundry “AQUARIUM LAUNDRY” which is fusion with Aquarium has been appeared in Edogawa.

There is a 2.5m of huge aquarium was displayed inside of 40 Tsubo a coin-operated laundry. It looks like colorful tropical fishes swimming freely inside of the store. You can enjoy having  illusion time.70% of users are women. It has succeeded acquire wide age range of women users by stepping out from “dirty, dark” general image of a coin-operated laundry. Especially the women in 30’s and 40’s who cover 50 % in the users, enjoy great time here such as having fun with kids to watch swimming fishes in the aquarium, having communicate with friends here and working or watching movies using Free Wi-Fi.The space behind the laundries is a rental storage area with 28sections and there are 5 difference types can be chosen. Securities is 24-hour air conditioning management, security camera, It is fully secured with 24 hour air conditioning management, installation of security camera, auto-lock facilities that only contractors can pass and double locking system in each facilities. So users can wash seasonal clothes and blankets here and store them in the loclers.

Recently the laundry started to be covered by media like TV and continue to evolve. You can’t eye off from the laundry.

Address: 4-6-2 MinamiShinozaki-cho, Edogawa-ku. 8 minutes by walking from "Mizue" station on the Toei Shinjuku line