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Great for Halloween! Haagen-Dazs released an autumn special ice cream

Haagen-Dazs released a new flavor of ice cream which is great for celebrating an adult Halloween. Its gorgeous packaging is good for a party!

Both “Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwich Pumpkin Pudding” 272yen (tax excluded) and “Haagen-Dazs Mini-cup Pumpkin” 272yen (tax excluded) are ice creams that you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn’s representative "pumpkin". Both were released on September 12th.

Both of them use rich “Ebisu Pumpkin”, and you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of the ingredients themselves.
 “Pumpkin pudding” is the pumpkin ice cream mixed with a smooth caramel sauce between crispy wafer biscuits coated with pumpkin sauce. You can enjoy pumpkin pudding flavor with the exquisite harmony of gentle sweet pumpkin and bittersweet caramel as an ice cream.

Mini-cup “Pumpkin” flavor appeared for the 7th time this autumn.

Both of them are available nationwide at supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores.

Please try this tasty pumpkin flavor at a Halloween party, or just to treat yourself at anytime.