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GODIVA chilled cup drinks appeared first time in Japan!

The taste of the "GODIVA" can be enjoyed easily at convenience stores! Morinaga Milk "GODIVA Milk Chocolate" 220 yen (tax excluded) has appeared in nationwide convenience stores from September 12 (Tue).

In 1945, "GODIVA" was established in Brussels, Belgium. In 1972, it arrived in Japan as pioneer of high-class chocolate brand, and now it has reached to have more than 280 stores in Japan. It is beloved brand as "authentic chocolate" company all over the world.


The “GODIVA” chocolate has transformed as a chilled cup drink that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere easily.


“GODIVA Milk Chocolate” is an authentic chocolate drink supervised by “GODIVA” itself. Using couverture chocolate based on the strict quality standards of "GODIVA", it is easy to drink one bottle without getting tired because of the taste of rich and mellow milk chocolate.

The packaging design based on gold color produces luxurious atmosphere, too.


Let’s enjoy the“GODIVA Milk Chocolate” luxurious flavor as the reward of the day.