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More luxurious this year! Enjoying champagne on the terrace with a row gingko trees

Champagne flows freely when enjoying the terrace seats facing the gingko trees, this event will be held this year, too. Please check your schedule so that you can visit with an important person for your autumn memories.
“Champagne terrace” is a luxurious plan to enjoy champagne and great meals on the terrace seats seeing the yellow leaves on ginkgo trees on Namiki Street.This year, the course meal "Champagne Terrace Plan A course style" is 7800 yen (tax and surcharge included) has appeared for the first time to enjoy with champagne elegantly. “Cauliflower cream with Ikura (salmon row)”, “Carpaccio of today’s fish topped with blue pepper sauce”, “Grilled beef loin with Kihachi’s Original sauce” and “Today’s dessert” are all part of course.
Of course, the popular menu, casual shared style course menu "Champagne terrace plan B shared style" 6800 yen (tax and surcharge included) is also available this year. 5 kinds of appetizers on a cutting board such as “Angel shrimp with herbs and butter gratin”, “Carpaccio of today’s fish topped with blue pepper sauce”, “Veal Pate de Champagne”, “Cauliflower cream with sea urchin” and “Italian prosciutto and seasonal fruits” are in the course.Both plan A and B are provided at dinner time only, champagne free flow is 90 minutes. To enjoy this year's gingko in a luxurious atmosphere, you should book by phone or on the website soon predicting the best day for the color of leaves on the trees.