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Have you already experienced the world's fastest acceleration? Fuji-Q " Do-Dodonpa"

You can’t miss a roller coaster in a theme park. This summer, a new roller coaster has emerged in Fuji-Q Highland which challenge the limits of acceleration for humankind.

"Do-Dodonpa suddenly launches. I felt so scared with the speed and strong wind pressure. But I want to try it again because it was so fast and felt like only one quick moment". TV talents Hinako Sano and Seira Nagashima enjoyed the experience of the world’s fastest and world's largest loop. Two roller coaster lovers appeared as guests along with Izly Okada at the opening event. They talked with excitement and joy of their impression of the ride in front of 800 people.They pursued even faster speed for Do-Dodonpa, which has developed astonishing speed and acceleration. It achieved maximum speed of 180 km / h in only 1.56 seconds using an “Air launch system” which uses compressed air released at once to fire it.
The world's largest loop which changed the vertical tower height 52 m to 39.7 m in diameter, and the vertex is 49 m above the ground. The speed to pass through the apex is 40 km / h and it is slow enough to make us think that it will stop as you experience an enjoying slight pounding feeling in the upside-down condition.
In the two tunnels, you can enjoy the different dimension sensation of darkness and light.Why not feel the power of the wonderful acceleration and different dimension world with the new generation " Do-Dodonpa " running through the dynamic course unique at Fuji-Q Highland.