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Full of nutrition! 8 different drinks with plenty of fruit and vegetables are now on sale

Drinks which are perfect for those who continue pursuing beauty and health are on sale now. Check out the juice series which uses the super food "Beats" which are great for maintaining beauty, after a busy day and on important days.

Drinks are presented by “GOOD LIFE FACTORY” which is popular for custom salads and healthy bowls have 8 kinds including a drink collaboration with a gym that world famous athletes join. Refreshing and nutritional drinks with lots of vegetables and fruit take your stress away.“Protein Gold” 650 yen is mixed with the yoghurt protein by Gold Gym, banana, mixed berries and milk. It promotes high absorption and recovery from fatigue.
“Coco Beats” 700 yen which uses lots of raw "beats" mixed with strawberries and coconut milk. It has an exquisite harmony which is created by the sourness of strawberrys, coconut milk and homemade organic syrup made by organic sugarcane."Kale Green" 700 yen condensed organic kale and six kinds of fruit. The sweetness of grated apples and various spices are working together well.

In addition, "Kale Matcha Latte" 650 yen, "Acai Berry" 800 yen, "Beauty Charge" S500 yen / L950 yen, "Green Vita Mix" S500 yen / L 950 yen and "Homemade Lemonade" 300 yen have been released as well.

Why don’t you try new drinks by “GOOD LIFE FACTORY” which support making you shine!

Address: H.T Minami Aoyama Building III, 1st Floor, 7-11-4 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo