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Become girly with puffy lip!

Traditional lipstick has been in style for a long time now, it’s kind of getting old! A new line and modern style of lipstick “tintlip” is now available.One of popular tint lip brand Etude House released "Dia darling Oil Tint" which make your lips so lovely! Soon after putting it on your lips, it melts smoothly and the oil film coats the lips. It keeps moisture on your lips and it feels like after a lip pack. It gently wraps your lips so that it keeps a vivid and beautiful color on your lips for hours. Also, the lip volumizer oil gives a glossy shine on your lips and covers up vertical wrinkles on the lips. It creates lovely and cute puffy lips.It is also nice that there are eight colour variations, so you can choose the colour to match your mood.

"Dia darling Oil Tint" 8 colours is 800 yen each (tax excluded). You can find your favorite colour because of the wide variety.