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Hype is here! Japan's first fresh cream shops open in Harajuku and Shinjuku

Japan's first "Whipped cream specialty store Milk" opened an advance new pop-up store, a take-out special store in Harajuku and Shinjuku from August which was planned to open this winter. This shop opened for a limited time at Shibuya in July and 30,000 people have had the sweets throughout the month. We can enjoy the sweets again!As whipped fresh cream is the main dish here, "Whipped cream specialty store Milk" pursued “the real deliciousness of fresh cream” and all of the sweets here are very tasty.

Though fresh cream is usually a side dish for pan cakes and cakes, you can enjoy tasty fresh cream dishes here as the main dish which is thoughtfully considers production and methods of blends such as "Milky cream 's chiffon cake" 780 yen,
"Milky soft parfait" 780 yen "Milky soft cream" 540 yen and the new product “Rich! Fresh cream cheese cake” 980yen.

"Whipped cream specialty store Milk" is planning to open an Ikebukuro branch in autumn, too. Please try “the real deliciousness of fresh cream” here.

■"Whipped cream specialty store Milk" Harajuku branch
Harajuku JUSTIN 3-25-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

■"Whipped cream specialty store Milk" Shinjuku branch

Lumine est 1F Shinjuku Station East Exit