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“Eggs ‘n Things” first original apple pie is the perfect with Kona coffee

The tasty and big all day breakfast is very popular at “Eggs ‘n Things”. Original pie dishes are appeared at “Eggs ‘n Things” Which also has many pancake fans!

The "Homemade apple pie" at "Eggs' n Things" Umeda Chayamachi Store is a great dish match with Kona coffee.

"Homemade apple pie" 930 yen (tax excluded) using their signature pancake dough is an exquisite combination with the special cinnamon apple and crispy pastry.

It bakes fresh at the shop every day and it’s so delicious with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream together.
"Pie & Café Set" 1,200 yen (tax excluded) is a low-price set dish with “Kona coffee blend” which uses rare coffee beans produced in the Kona region in south Hawaii with less than 1% of the world's coffee bean production or “Earl gray tea”.

Please enjoy happy tea time with “Eggs ‘n Things” first original pie and selected drinks in a lush green botanical atmosphere.

■ "Eggs' n Things" Umeda Chayamachi branch
Address: OIT Umeda Tower 2nd Floor, 1-45 Chayamachi Kita-ku, Osaka City