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Time slip!? Showa era’s Mitsuya Cider is reproduced now!

134 years old Japanese born carbonated drink "Mitsuya Cider" brand released "Mitsuya Cider NIPPON" as a special limited production!


"Mitsuya Cider NIPPON" is a reproduction of "Mitsuya Champagne Cider" that was sold around 1955. Based on their commitment methods such as “polished water”, "fragrance collected from fruits" and "non heating method", you can enjoy "rich sweetness" compare with current version of “Mitsuya Cider”.


The package design featured “feathers of an arrow” which is symbolic mark for Japanese original “Mitsuya Cider”!


"Mitsuya Cider NIPPON" is on sale now throughout the country for a price of 140 yen (excluding tax). The container is a bottle can which is good in summer. Why not chill out with "Mitsuya Cider" to escape the summer’s heat?