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Entertainment hotel with "a cafe that makes people lazy" for foreigner!

A accommodation "Ryokan Tokyo" has "Gensen Cafe" known as "a cafe that makes people lazy." The Japanese guest rooms has upgraded with lawn area and Yogibo inside of the rooms.

The Japanese style accommodation "The Ryokan Tokyo" surrounded by the nature of Yugawara is targeting mainly inbound (foreign tourists) and adopts many attractions that customers want to post them into their SNS.
In August, it has renovated the rooms, facilities and amenities. Now there are attractions where make customers surprise when stepping into the rooms. First, it set up a lawn space in rooms so that people can enjoy the atmosphere surrounded by the lush greenery in the room. Installed comfortable magic cushiions “Yogibo Pro” into the all Japanese rooms, as well as in the hotel restaurant "Gensen Café". The rooms look very special.

Photographs relaxing on the lawn and cushions wearing yukata are sure to be great on SNS.
Let’s enjoy great time with new style accommodation.