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A whole creme caramel is inside! Popular Taiwanese Shaved Ice

"Taiwanese style" shaved ice, cools you down in this hot hot summer has appeared!  Why don’t you go to the café where you can enjoy real Taiwan style shaved ice even if you are in Japan!

Taiwanese tea salon “KIKICHA TOKYO, Kichijoji” which is famous for authentic Taiwanese tea and homemade tapioca, offers popular Taiwanese style shaved ice “Mango Pin (Mango Shaved Ice)” 1080yen (tax includes) which is a whole crème caramel wrapped in the shaved ice.

Coarse shaved ice topped with plenty of mango and condensed milk and cracked sugar sauce.

“Mango Pin” is one of Taiwan’s traditional sweets and is good to enjoy by yourself or share with friends and family.
This is very photogenic item and good for SNS. Only a limited number of “Mango Pin” are sold per day. You should try this cold shaved ice at Taiwanese tea salon KIKICHA TOKYO, Kichijoji”.

■Taiwanese tea salon KIKICHA TOKYO, Kichijoji
Address: Kichijoji Jizo Building 9F, 1-9-9 Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo.