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It looks transparent but Calpis?? Clear "Calpis" appeared

Though it looks like water but taste something more, those type of flavored water is popular now. Now long seller drink “Calpis” offer clear color drink with “Calpis” flavor.

"Asahi-Oishi-Mizu-Plus Calpis lactobacillus sparkling" is a sparkling water drink containing lactobacillus released from August 1 (Tuesday) 124 yen (excluding tax) " by the "Oishi Mizu Plus" series.

What surprisingly even though this is a clear color drink but it is milky sour taste from lactobacillus. It tastes like real “Calpis” but this transparent visual give a refreshing impression in hot summer.

As getting to know it is “Oishi Mizu Plus” brand and “Calpis” lactobacillus drink, those two logos are centered in the package design. Also, bubble and letter of “Sparkling” are designed in the package.

Whey you feel thirsty or feel something to refresh, let’s try healthy and transparent flavor "sparkling" water.