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A café where you can feel summer`s evening cool has now opened at the hotel shrine!

A cafe "SUZUMUSHI CAFÉ" where you can experience the unique summer’s evening coolness of Japan, with the chirping of crickets has opened for a limited time at the shrine “Jinmyo” in “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”.

Looking at the unique sense that Japanese feels cool in summer with the chirping of crickets, cages of crickets are installed in the venue. In addition to lanterns, wind bells and basins with water filled to display the Japanese atmosphere, it also introduces images that image Tokyo's summer. Contrary to the powerful Tokyo Tower observed from the garden, the images of the cool seaside of Tokyo, such as the Rainbow Bridge are projected on the on the Shoji walls, which makes you feel the coolness from the visuals.
Those of the summer sceneries like sitting at the edge of the house and having a cool evening in Japan are very rare now, but for foreigners and families visiting during summer vacation, it is now possible to experience the traditional Japanese way of spending summer.

It is open from the 1st of August to the 20th of August. Entrance fee is 1000-yen PP (including 1 alcoholic drink or 2 soft drinks). Yukata rental is available. It would be a the great space for healing your tired body from the strong air conditioning.