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The 2nd version is appeared now! French toasts on a pineapple boat!

If eating French toasts in summer, don’t you want to eat such a “rockey” one? A photogenic French toast that makes you want to post it on Instagram has appeared again this year.

"Pine the Rock" 1800 yen (tax excluded) released on July 19 (Wed) by French toast specialty shop "Ivorish" as a daily limited item is the 2nd version of the summer series following last year’s “Melon the Rocks” which used half of a melon.

"Pine the Rock" is a refreshing French toast with juicy pineapple and bananas topped with jelly, coconut, pineapple and passion fruits sauce in a pineapple boat.

And pineapple flavor ice cream tops this off. You can enjoy the taste of pineapple anywhere you bite.

"Pine the Rock" is great for photos and makes you feel cool when just looking at it.

■ "Ivorish" Fukuoka flagship restaurant 
Address: 2-1-44, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

■ "Ivorish" Shibuya 
Address: 3-3-B1,Udagawa cho, Shibuya-ku

■ "Ivorish" Ebina 
Address: LaLaport 2nd, 13-1, Ogimachi, Ebinashi, Kanagawa